Not Easy to Talk About

Fighting child sex abuse is the focus of a new campaign launched by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas. The campaign is designed to encourage the reporting of abuse. Pat Hernandez has more.

AG Greg Abbott speakingAG Abbott calls child abuse in Texas a silent epidemic. Statisticts show that one in four girls, and one in six boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday, but only 1 in 10 will tell.

“The unfortunate reality is that more than 68-thousand children are abused sexually, physically or by neglect in one fashion or another, each and every year here in the state of Texas.”

Abbott joined with the Children’s Advocacy Centers, an umbrella group of private local non profit organizations that work to combat child abuse, to announce One With Courage, the first public awareness campaign of its kind in Texas. It is hoped that through television, radio, Web and print ads, people will be inspired to take action.

“Child sexual abuse is not something that is easy to talk about whether you’re the victim, or whether you’re the person hearing about it.”

Doctor Michelle Lyn, who directs the child protection team at Texas Children’s Hospital, is also the medical director at the Children’s Assessment Center. She says part of what they do is to identify the problem and talk about solutions.

Doctor Michelle Lyn of Texas Childrens Hospital“It’s not just to educate parents, but to educate everyone. And if one child from this campaign, one family gets that message, we have made a difference.”

The group and its 64 local chapters secured about 380-thousand dollars from the Texas Attorney General’s office for the campaign. More information can be found at