All Eyes On Houston Tonight

Tonight at Reliant Stadium a sell out crowd will be on hand to watch a soccer team made of American All Stars take on one of the best teams in the world; Manchester United, a team from England. Some people have been waiting for this game all year. And as Bill Stamps reports people are coming from all over to see it.

Three friends flew from Guatemala to Houston just to watch tonight’s big soccer match.

We came together, he came here last night.

Their names are Alejandro, Gabriel and Gohannes. Tonight’s game features all stars from the league Houston’s soccer team, they Dynamo plays in. The American All Stars are playing world powerhouse Manchester United.

Gohannes Bligdenstein says he wouldn’t miss the game for anything.

Big Manchester United Fan, that’s why we came actually. I love them. (Bill) Even in Guatemala?) Yes

Houston is still in the running to host several world cup matches should the United States win the right to hold the 2018 or 2022 games. Gabriel Figueora says he’d definitely fly up again for that.

As long as I know the 1994 games had the most assistance (attendance) its because the United States is like right in the middle. There are flights from all over the world. Its not as expensive to go to like South Africa or countries like Australia, they’re trying to make a world cup over there but its far far away.

Even though this is a football city and state, even non soccer fans believe matches like tonight’s are good for Houston. Mayor Parker had this to say about the impact.

We’ve done Superbowls, we’ve done all star games, we’ve done the world series. We know that his will be a good fan experience. Its filling up hotels its filling up restaurants but its also putting eyeballs on tv sets and computer screens as they watch whats happening.

I asked the three Guatemalan friends who’s going to win tonight and none of them are predicting the Americans. Bill Stamps KUHF News.