Perry Makes Stop in Houston

Governor Rick Perry was in Houston speaking to a group of retired firefighters. Perry didn’t mention his reelection campaign during the speech but afterward touched on a number of issues, including his challenger Bill White. KUHF’S Bill Stamps has more.

With the election now just four months away, Governor Rick Perry continues to hold a slim lead over former Houston Mayor Bill White. During the Clinton Administration, White was a deputy secretary in the Energy Department. Perry says White refuses to release his taxes from that time period.

“We know that there is something there that he’s hiding. So every time he has released any returns at all, there has been a scandal that has showed up.”

That’s about all Perry had to say about his challenger, but he did weigh in on a few other hot button issues, including the immigration law in Arizona which Perry doesn’t say is wrong; he just says it’s wrong for Texas.

“I think it’s missing the whole argument of where do we need to be focused. It’s not on fifty different states coming up with fifty different immigration policies; it’s on the willful neglect and the abysmal support that we’ve gotten from the federal government to secure our borders.”

And when asked about the latest news out of Washington that some National Guard troops will be sent to the border, the governor had this to say.

“We’ve got an 1,800 mile border and Washington thinks the solution is 1,250 additional people. We need 3,000 more just on Texas’ 1,200 mile border. So there’s real failure of Washington to recognize and then to respond appropriately on border security. That’s the real issue: you can pass immigration issues until the world looks level, but it’s not going to matter until you secure the border.”

Perry also accuses Washington of trying to shut down NASA and strangling the oil and gas industry. Both actions he believes would have negative consequences for Texas.

Bill Stamps, KUHF News.