Pastors’ Declaration on Border Security

They call it a crisis that cannot be ignored any longer. Local pastors call on the government to secure the national borders as the first part of any immigration reform strategy. They plan to send lawmakers a declaration urging them to take immediate steps to resolve the crisis. Pat Hernandez has more.

Illegal immigration has become a heated issue that religious leaders here and abroad are uniting to urge the government to reform its policy. Steve Riggle, pastor at Grace Community Church, is a member of the Houston Area Pastors Council. It numbers about 250 clergy. He says they’ve drafted a declaration that calls for securing the borders, reforming the immigration system and implementing a process for immigrants to obtain legal status.

“Our plan is to take the declaration to our state legislators, to those who represent us in Washington D.C., and then to ask pastors beyond those who have already signed on. We are also asking pastors to take this to their congregations, and to sign up non pastoral suporters of the declaration.”

Unlike what the government is doing with its lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration problem, Riggle says the declaration is not meant to be political. He says it contains practical suggestions to fix the problem with immigration.

“Speaking for myself, I would rather see the federal government and the state government not fighting and go fix this problem. And so, if I had any advice for the president, it would be to say, go down there and work with the people in Arizona and get this thing fixed.”

Riggle says if the porous borders were fixed years ago, we wouldn’t have this crisis. More information can be found at

Pat Hernandez, KUHF News.