Ike Housing Extended

Nearly two years after Hurricane Ike — FEMA is extending its temporary housing for a number of families who still don’t have permanent homes. Laurie Johnson reports.

The temporary housing program for Ike victims was supposed to expire this week. But FEMA extended the deadline for people living in temporary trailers to January. FEMA Spokesman Ray Perez says although it has been nearly two years, some folks in the hardest hit areas are still not able to move out of the trailers.

“As of today, there’s still 149 households occupying temporary housing units provided by FEMA. That’s sort of kind of like the bad news — almost two years later we still have 149 families still occupying their units.”

On the other hand, Perez points out 3,701 families were in mobile homes after Ike and 96 percent of them are now in permanent housing. Many of the ones left are waiting on grant funding for new homes.

“About 102 of these families are in Galveston County, which was kind of the hardest hit — in Bolivar and in the city of Galveston. And some of these folks still need some assistance in getting back to permanent housing. A good many of them are in the process of competing for Community Development Block Grants so they can either repair their homes or build new ones.”

Those who remain in the FEMA trailers must provide proof of their continued eligibility and proof that they are making progress toward permanent housing.

Laurie Johnson, KUHF News.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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