Newborn Left at Apartment Front Door

Authorities are still looking for the mother of a baby found on the doorsteps of the Preserve at Colony Lakes
Apartments early yesterday morning in Stafford, Fort Bend County. Bill Stamps has more.

Fort Bend Sheriff’s Deputy Craig Brady says his officers got a call around 4:30 in the morning from someone saying they’d just found a baby at their door.

“Upon deputies arrival, they found an approximately two-hour-old, black female infant lying on a white towel. The child was transported to Southwest Memorial Hospital suffering from hypothermia. She has since recovered. The doctors say it looks like she’s going to be just fine.”

Deputy Brady believe this is probably the case of a frightened young first-time mother. Under Texas law, the mother can leave the baby at any fire station or hospital and not face criminal charges. And in this case; although the baby was obviously left for someone to find, it’s still possible the mother could be charged if and when she’s found. Deputy Brady says he’s not thinking about charges at this point.

“To me, it’s really a secondary issue. We want to find the mother and talk to her and see what’s going on in her life that she thought she needed to do this, and see if we can hook up with the right social programs to get her back in line. And if she doesn’t want the child, there are people out there standing in line wanting to adopt babies.”

According to CPS this is the second abandoned baby found in the greater Houston area this year. Between ’06 and ’09, the state of Texas as a whole averaged around 7 to 8 cases of babies left legally under the Baby Moses law. But whether the baby is left legally or not, authorities say it’s important to know who the mother is for a whole host of other reasons.

“They may need to know if this baby’s family has any problems medically related. Whether it be something as serious as an HIV infection, a history of drug abuse. You know, there are some things that can be very beneficial to the child if the proper people know the history.”

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call CPS or the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department.