Tuesday AM June 15th, 2010

Starting a new magazine in the current economy and media environment is a challenge, at best. But an Austin publisher is rebranding an existing business publication, calling it “Texas CEO Magazine.” Ed Mayberry reports.

TX CEO magazine cover

It began five years ago as a city business publication in Austin. The new “Texas CEO Magazine” targets those in corner-level offices, as well as those who aspire to be a CEO. Jason Myers is editor.

“We try to cover things are in more in a thought leadership role, like sustainability or health care or general interest stories that affect those kind of in a corner office. Generation integration and the fact that there’s as many as five distinct generations in the workplace, and they all have different workplace motivators, and CEOs need strategies that will keep of them all engaged to build a successful company.”

Advertising dollars have been down for a couple years now, so it may not be the best time to start a magazine. But Myers says the CEO-level executive is someone a lot of companies are trying to target.

“I deal with that question all time from people that ask about the decline of print. The print magazine that they receive in the mail only becomes one facet of the overall community and opportunities for them to engage with it. So, for example, we can do more timely content on the Website, more feature-type articles in the publication. Once you have that community established, then it’s easy to monetize that in multiple different ways and create multiple revenue streams.”

Regular departments in the magazine are organized like a CEO’s virtual executive team. Myers says all eyes are on Texas, as one of the most entrepreneurial and business-friendly states.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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