Organizations That Help Feed Children Even In The Summer

With school almost out, some organizations are spreading the word about summer lunch programs, because children going hungry can be worse during the summer months. Bill Stamps has more.

HISD Summer Feeding FlierThousand of Houston school children get free lunch every day at school. But what happens to those students when school lets out.

“Summer is when children are most likely to go hungry. During the school year, the school lunch and breakfast program turns out to be the largest hunger fighting mechanism that we use for children in our community and throughout the country.”

That’s Brian Green of the Houston Food Bank. They’re one of several organizations that helps feed children, including HISD.

This is HISD Food Service Director Brian Giles:

“HISD believes as do the partners here behind me that each student each child deserves a hot nutritious meal all year round. And for this reason, Houston ISD will once again be offering free breakfast and free lunch to students and children throughout the Houston community in over 200 locations.”

Their statistics show 47-percent of Houston children live at or below the poverty level. They say that means more of them are likely to go hungry. However there’s no poverty requirement to receive food with the summer program. They say any child can just show up and he or she will be served. When you combine the parks and school locations, there were 430 sites that served free lunch last summer. They say Texas ranks lower than most states when it comes to feeding its children and they’d like to add even more sites. This is Green again with the Houston Food Bank:

“When we talk to the families of the children who are coming in, overwhelmingly what we’re finding out is that summer is the toughest time for them to put enough meals on the table for their children not to go hungry.”

HISD will begin serving food at it locations starting Friday June 7th.

Below is a list of the participating HISD schools: