Search Resumes For Missing Spring Teen

The search for a missing Spring girl continues this weekend two-and-a-half weeks

after Ali Lowitzer stepped off her school bus and disappeared. Laurie Johnson has the latest.

Lowitzer is a 16-year-old Spring High School student who went missing April 26th. Since then, investigators haven’t been able to make much progress in finding out what happened to her. They say there has been no activity on her cell phone since around the time she disappeared. Bob Walcutt is with the Laura Recovery Center, which is organizing a search for Lowitzer tomorrow.

“We’re basically just trying to cover some of the real heavily-wooded areas near her home, because there’s a lot of forested areas near where she lives and we’re just trying to eliminate them as places where, if anything did happen to her, she might be.”

Authorities aren’t ready to rule-out the possibility she’s a runaway, but don’t think that’s likely. Walcutt says Lowitzer was upset the day she disappeared.

“What is was she was upset about, we don’t know. We’ve had several people say they had seen her the day before and during that day she was very upset about something, but as to what it was, I have no idea.”

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The Laura Recovery Center is looking for volunteers to help in the search tomorrow.

“The search itself is going to start at 9 o’clock at the Northwood Baptist Church, 5803 Treaschwig in Spring, Texas.”

Volunteers must be 18 years old or older and be dressed to search through a heavily wooded and brushy area.


Laurie Johnson

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