Cushing Denies Steroid Use

The Houston Texans number one draft pick last year says he’s not a cheater. Brian Cushing spoke for the first time today since the NFL announced his 4-game suspension for testing positive for a banned steroid related substance. Bill Stamps reports many have tested positive, but few ever admit guilt.

Brian Cushing had a great career at USC. He was so good that his freshman year he was the starting linebacker in the Rose Bowl game against Texas. Some still call it one of the greatest games ever.

But there’s been a cloud of suspicion hanging over his head for years and just last week the NFL announced Cushing had tested positive for HCG, a substance experts say is used by athletes who are usually trying to avoid a positive drug test. Speaking for the first time on the subject, Cushing made a complete denial.

“I want to make it known that I did not inject or ingest any illegal substances that would enhance my performance.”

Cushing won’t be allowed to play the first four games of next year. Some say the NFL needs a tougher policy. But unlike baseball where fans are more sensitive about records being broken by so-called cheaters, football fans don’t seem to mind as much. So whether you believe him or not, once Cushing serves his suspension, you probably won’t hear much about it again.

“The substance was HCG. The question of how it got into my body is unclear. It’s something I’m very personally concerned about, how it’s there and what’s going to keep it from happening again and that something we’ll have to medically investigate.”

   DeMicoCushing’s teammate DeMico Ryans says he and the rest of the team support him 100 percent.

“DeMico do you believe him? Do you believe that he didn’t take anything illegal?”

“Oh yeah, I believe him. Cushing is a hard working guy. There’s nobody that works as hard as Cush and as competitive as he is. I don’t think that he would cheat the game the way people are calling him a cheater. I don’t think that Cush is that type of person.”

If you ask the average Texan’s fan what they think, many don’t believe Cushing’s story, but don’t really care. They just want him back on the field. Jose Collazo doesn’t believe the story and he’s not a Texans fan.

“How you don’t know how something got in your body, you put it in your mouth. What somebody fed you in your sleep? This is a professional football player. He has people around him that know exactly what’s going in his body. This ain’t no kid playing high school or college. There’s no excuse for it Brian Cushing. Why don’t you just come out and admit, say I didn’t and I’ll respect you, but don’t lie to my face.”

Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemmons, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriquez…the list seems to go on and on these days. Some tested positive and others were simply accused of taking steroids, but they all initially denied it. Jones and McGwire later admitted it. Whether Brian Cushing ever changes his story remains to be seen.