Spring 16-Year-Old Missing For Two Weeks

Volunteer searchers are taking a break after looking for a missing Spring High School student for two weeks now. Ali Lowitzer disappeared after getting off the school bus. Bill Stamps has more.

John Lowitzer can’t stop thinking about his daughter Ali.

“It’s kind of tough to get up in the mornings and get going. You go to sleep at night and it’s on your mind, and it’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning.”

Ali hasn’t been since she got off her school bus and headed to work at Burger Barn. The bus stop is just three houses down from her house. Her job is just a few blocks away. John Lowitzer says his daughter had her cell phone with her, but her charger is remains at home. Records show there’s been no activity on the phone since that day. One student told Ali’s father, he exchanged text messages with his daughter while she rode the bus.

“When we interviewed that person, basically he said that she wanted to talk to him, but he was going to go talk to his girlfriend. That’s all I got from him.”

So far investigators don’t expect foul play. Mr. Lowitzer says investigators spent some time at Spring High School talking to her acquaintances.

“The sheriff’s office went up to the school and interviewed a bunch of kids and they’ve got nothing. So either somebody knows something and won’t come forward or they honestly don’t know anything.”

Volunteers with The Laura Recovery Center had been doing a ground search the past two weeks, but manager Dawn Davis says they need more direction.

“You could search forever because of the amount of ground and space. You could search forever, but without some direction, you need to decide a different way of looking for the individual.”

One of the volunteers helping search for Ali has been the sister of Susanna Dejesus who was abducted at gunpoint last year from a Pearland Parking lot.

“She feels very driven to help other people that have been faced with similar situations.”
The Dejesus case eventually had a tragic ending but in this case there’s nothing specific to indicate that the 16 year old was taken or that she ran away. So while volunteers may be taking a break, John Lowitzer says the family will continue its search and will follow up on any leads it hears about.