Brown Saving the Environment

Texas Governor Rick Perry says incentives, not mandates, encourage innovation in business and technology. He made his comments in Stafford southwest of Houston, at the roll-out of UPS’ expanded fleet of hybrid electric vehicles. They are the first to be introduced in Texas. Pat Hernandez has the story.

UPS uses 50 next generation hybrid electric vehicles in Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and Houston. The 25-trucks unveiled in Stafford are part of 200 new HEVs that will operate in 8-cities in the U.S. They’re not cheap, but Republican state Senator Tommy Williams from the Woodlands, helped sponsor legislation that provides grants from the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan for large fleet owners to use vehicles that run on alternative fuel.

“UPS is the biggest operator in this state. They have the largest corporate fleet and they’ve aggressively purchased and tested a variety of these vehicles, and they like to place these vehicles in states which provide incentives for getting the diesel burning vehicles off the road and without this legislation, the fleet would not have rolled out, these vehicles might have gone to Oklahoma, Louisiana or Colorado, instead of here in Texas.”

The trucks are part of more than 2-thousand vehicles already in use by UPS that run on natural gas, liquefied natural gas and electricity. These hybrids have technology that’s expected to reduce by over 1700 metric tons, the amount of CO2 gases released annually into the atmosphere. 

Governor Rick Perry touching the hybird UPS truckGovernor Rick Perry says the air in Texas is cleaner today than it was 10-years ago.

“We have reduced emissions of NOx by 46-percent, cut ozone levels by 22-percent, our CO2 emissions have dropped more than nearly every other state.”

He calls the new UPS fleet another step in the journey toward abundant renewable energy and an even cleaner environment.

“When we apply incentives instead of crushing mandates, we appeal to the innovators; we appeal to the visionaries and we end with better technology and smarter approaches. UPS is clearly stepping up and they’re stepping ahead of the pack with this initiative. They’re setting an example for their peers in the market place, as well as impact our environment in a positive manner.”

UPS was the first package delivery company to introduce a hybrid electric vehicle into daily operations in the late 90s.