Appliance Rebate Program Underway

This past weekend marked the first time people with rebates for energy efficient appliances were able to use them. Bill Stamps stopped by a local home improvement store to see how sales are going.

Early Friday morning while many people either just getting up or heading off to work, more than a dozen people waited outside the door at Lowe’s in the Gulfgate Shopping Center. It was their first chance to use their rebates for energy saving appliances. This is Lowe’s manager Mike McMillen:

“Yeah, there was a ton of people who walked in as soon as we opened, I guess just trying to get their pick of what we had available and it was all people that were registered so after we got the rush it was pretty much steady after that.”

In order to take part in the program you had to first make a reservation. The reservations for Texas residents are filled and there are people on waiting list. Except for a few exceptions, everyone has until this Sunday to make their purchase. R. J DeSilva is with the State Comptroller’s Office:

“In terms of the actual numbers of how many people are taking advantage of the rebates, we’d know that as the actually applications get sent in.”

McMillan says the rebates are to be used on appliances that are more energy efficient than their old ones…

“Anything that’s energy star. So refrigerators, some washers, dishwashers, stoves don’t qualify and dryers don’t qualify.”

For those who don’t use their rebates, that just frees up more money for the people on the waiting list. In order to get your money everyone, even people on the waiting list must send in their receipt and application by June 15th.