Bigger than Life

Friends and family gather at Second Baptist Church to say goodbye to Houston billionaire and energy executive Dan Duncan. The long time philanthropist died unexpectedly last week, but those who knew him say his legacy will live on. Pat Hernandez has more.

A massive brain hemorrhage took the life of the 77 year old  Duncan, considered to be the richest person in Houston. He consistently made the Forbes list of top millionaires or above. He left a large footprint at the Texas Medical Center.

After successfully being treated for prostate cancer 15-years ago, Duncan showed his appreciation by giving throughout the Texas Medical Center: 135-million dollars to Baylor College of Medicine, and millions to other
institutions like MD Anderson and the Texas Heart Institute.

The packed house at 2nd Baptist Church consisted of notables like Texas governor Rick Perry.

“Dan Duncan was one of those guys that just had a good heart. And whether you were the newest employee of the company or you were the president of the outfit,  he treated everybody the same. And that’s a great reflection of what kind of man he was.”

Dan Duncan

Former Dynegy head Chuck Watson says Duncan’s character made him stand out, as evident in the service for him.

“It was a great service wasn’t it? He was a great man and he deserved that. It was a beautiful day. Dan was just an incredible person, a very giving man and yet, what a joy to be around. You couldn’t spend more than five minutes with Dan that you didn’t feel special.”      

This woman says Duncan  will be remembered in a big way.

“As the philanthropist and the giving man that he was that the service encouraged all of us to walk in his light.”

In her eulogy, widow Jan Duncan said she and her husband wanted to ” live  consciously, making the most of loving others and being kind to those we meet.”