Car Burglars Aren’t Off on Spring Break

Houston Police have a message for airport travelers headed out of town for spring break. Car thieves will be staying behind watching your vehicles left at the airport. Pat Hernandez has more.

You might remember last April when authorities arrested 5-people believed responsible for nearly a hundred burglaries of motor vehicles parked at Bush Airport. But  travelers may not be thinking about securing
their vehicles when they’re trying to catch a flight. Officers from the Houston Police Department’s Airport Division were at Bush Airport terminal parking garages, inspecting vehicles and issuing theft reduction report cards.
Sgt. K. Green says its an effort to educate motorists on what they can do to keep their vehicles from being burglarized:

“Like whether or not the doors are unlocked, windows are opened or cracked, packages are in plain view, or if you see electronic devices, like such as in this vehicle. Its a radar detector in plain view, which that would entice a criminal to break the window and get that item.”

A seasoned criminal would need only 30-seconds to steal that item from a locked vehicle. Green says motorists must be responsible in securing their vehicles when they leave them.

“The presumption of safety again, that’s a bigger issue than I can answer. But a prudent like me, I would lock my car and secure my valuables. I’ve done my part to prevent somebody from burglarizing my car and I aks the public to do the same.”

Green says eliminate any temptation for thieves.

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