UH Basketball Returns to Glory

When people fill out their March madness tournament brackets, they’ll notice a name that hasn’t been there in almost two decades. The University of Houston Cougars is in the NCAA tournament this year. Bill stamps reports how it’s been a long time coming.

(Sounds?of basketball practice)

For most college basketball teams, the season is now over.? But not this year, the Cougs are going to the big dance and athletic director Mack Rhoades says everyone is excited.

“Just the excitement that everybody feels everybody experiences it. You see it on campus, you see it certainly in our athletics program. You see it amongst our student, athletes and even out in the community. Something like this really unites people, gives them a since of pride.”

The last time Houston was in the NCAA tournament was 1992. Back then this song, Jump Around, was at the top of the charts.

Many of Houston’s current students were either toddlers or not born at all. While most students are on spring break, UH student Maliah Holifield is following the team.

“I know, I hope they win. I’m excited.”

Before coming to Houston, Coach Tom Penders coached at six schools, including Texas, which he took to the tournament?eight times.

I can tell fans are excited, because all of sudden he feels like a celebrity again. You never really take over the city, but I can’t get out of the drug store or grocery store without signing autographs all of a sudden, so I know the city is following and that’s a good feeling.”

Houston will take on Maryland, Friday in Spokane, Washington. While they were happy to just make it to the tournament…now they’d like to win it. And if they can somehow do that…everyone will really be jumping around.