Shami Plans to Continue Creating Jobs

Despite his conclusive loss in the primary, Farouk Shami was in high spirits last night, urging his followers to keep fighting for good jobs in Texas. Melissa Galvez has more.

At Farouk Shami’s official watch party, the energy was high and the music optimistic-not what you would guess for a long shot candidate.

Farouk Shami 4 governor

“Farouk, Farouk, Farouk is on fire…”

In his speech, Shami pledged to continue bringing jobs to Texas.  And that starts right here in Houston, courtesy of his hair care line.

“Just last Saturday we opened a factory called Chi by Farouk, in the 5th Ward in Houston, Texas. Our mission will continue to create jobs.”

Shami plans specifically to create jobs within the African American community, who he said supported him all the way.  He encouraged his supporters to keep up the fight.

“We will never give up, we will work as a team to serve the state of Texas.  This is a duty and responsibility for each of us.”

Despite the enthusiasm in the room, Shami wasn’t able to convince Texas voters to give him the Democratic nomination.