Friday AM February 26th, 2010

Companies that employ National Guard and Reserve members can be significantly impacted by upcoming deployments. There’s a Department of Defense agency that assists employers and military employees. Ed Mayberry reports.

National GuardWith ongoing global operations and the state of the economy, small companies can especially be impacted as they comply with the law and make allowances for employees in the National Guard or Reserves.  Part-time military members make up a big part of the U.S. military force, according to Major Melissa Phillips with Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.

“I think some people may not be aware of how large the Guard and Reserve is—the fact that they account for almost, almost 50 per cent of the nation’s military strength.  There’s 1.3 million men and women that serve in the Guard and Reserve.  My organization—Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve—we are a Department of Defense agency.  We work with both service members and employers to make sure that they’re both aware of the law and of ways that they can support one another.”  

ESGR answers questions at no cost to employers about laws concerning employing Guard and Reserve members.

“There is a national law.  It’s called USERRA, which stands for Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, so that (it) basically protects Guard and Reserve members in their jobs when they have to perform military service.  A Guard and Reserve member is entitled to employment and reemployment following military service.  During that service member’s absence, they can hire, you know, employees to help fill in that gap.”     

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve offers conflict mediation through its toll-free number at 1-800-336-4950, or on its Web site.


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