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Education Pioneers to Recruit and Train Education Leaders

A national network of education leaders and
entrepreneurs is launching an effort in
Houston to recruit and train 100 new
education leaders by 2012.

Rod Rice reports that Education Pioneers
is coming to Houston because of grants
from the Houston Endowment and the
Arnold Family Foundation.

Education Pioneers was founded by Scott Morgan in the San Francisco Bay area in 2004. He says it looks for graduate students in business, policy, law and education to train for jobs as top education leaders.

“Our goal is to build the leadership capacity of the education system with leaders who have the skills to manage multi-million dollar budgets, negotiate the complexities of labor and politics, lead high performing teams and organizations and most importantly successfully increase student achievement.”

Morgan says those select few who are accepted go through a rigorous summer fellowship program.

“We’re expecting well over two thousand applicants this year for 300 fellowship position across the nation.”

Morgan says Houston is attractive because of educational innovations already underway. It is expected that over the next two-years more than 20 area education organizations will benefit from the program.  This years participants include HISD, Yes Prep, KIPP Houston, Houston A+ Challenge, Teach for America and Project Grad.