The Census Bureau is Looking for Thousands of Part Time Workers

The United States census will be conducted this year, but before the counting begins the U.S. Commerce department needs to hire people to help with the count. Rod Rice reports that one of the Houston area’s local offices opened today.

The Dallas Regional Census Center will run 46 offices in three states this year.

“We have nine offices in the Houston area.”

Henry Tow is the Assistant Regional Census Manager.

“This is our kick-off to recruit and test for thousands of census takers that we will need in the spring.”

In Harris County alone about five thousand people will be hired. Everyone will have to take a short test to demonstrate basic skills.

Census forms will be sent out in March and it is hoped everyone will fill them out and return them.  If a form is not returned in the mail a census taker will be sent out to collect information.  Tow says they’re looking for people to work in their own neighborhoods.

“They know the areas, they know the communities and of course it is more efficient to have people that we hire work in the areas where they live.”

Tow says the hiring is just beginning and some people will start working in late March but most will be work from April through June.

Wages range from 15-50 to 17-75 an hour in this area.

You can apply online at by calling (866) 861-2110, a toll free number.