Tuesday AM December 29th, 2009

Office space now tends to reflect the needs of a multi-generational workforce. Ed Mayberry reports.

McCoy workplace solutionsOffices have workers from several generations working side by side, and that means some changes in the workplace.  Pat Piech is with McCoy Workplace Solutions.

“And a lot of it does come up with millennials coming into the work force.  Boomers, you know, had a very different way of looking at their work life.  It was very separate from their personal life.  And we (with) see the millennials, that’s really melding and merging and so they’re much more social, and their expectations in terms of the workplace of having a casual, more entrepreneurial, less hierarchal work environment — I call it sort of the Starbucks effect, you know.  They want that café; they want that casual space.” 

Piech says workplace design now reflects a shift in attitudes and behaviors among the multi-generational workforce.

“You know, they are so much more connected and we see that just happening exponentially, you know, with the Facebooks and the LinkedIn and all of that.  They are connected, you know, 24/7.  And that leads to, creativity happens 24/7, so you can’t schedule it nine-to-five. So we want to be able to make the space conducive to the collaboration, the sharing of information, the sharing of ideas, because they’re used to that, through the technology.”

Piech says workplace design and planning must shift if the company wants to attract, engage and retain talent in a knowledge economy.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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