More Texans are Traveling this Thanksgiving

The improving economy and stable gasoline
price have combined for a better climate for
travel this long Thanksgiving weekend.

Rod Rice reports the Triple-A Texas estimates
that more Texans will be traveling this holiday
compared to last year.

Triple-A Texas’ Dan Ronan estimates that 3.3 million Texans will be traveling through the week-end, an increase from 2007.

“Last year travel was down about 40% at Thanksgiving. This year we’re looking at an increase of about 7.5% from the previous year.”

AAA expects most people to drive on trips of at least 50-miles or more. Two-hundred thousand are expected to fly while 140-thousand will use other transportation like a bus or train.

Nationally travel is estimated to increase about 1.4% so the picture in Texas is significantly better than the nation as a whole.

Ronan says a main reason for that are relatively stable gas prices in the state.

“If you use $2.40 as your middle marker, they’ve gone up a little bit, 2.60 2.65.  They’ve gone as low as 2.20 2.15. So they’ve sort of stayed in that range either side of $2.40 most of the summer.  And it’s pretty remarkable for a period of what’s now looking at about five months we’ve stayed in this general range.”

Texans are also expected to spend about $820.00 during the Thanksgiving holiday period, a hundred dollars more than the national average.