Electric Space Vehicle to Hit Markets Next Year

Because of advances in electric transportation, the days of paying 3 to 4 dollars a gallon for gas may be numbered. Reliant Energy and a California automaker are showing off a new slick looking vehicle that’s all electric and will be on the market next year. Bill Stamps tells us more.

Without showing you a picture, it’s hard to describe what the new Aptera E2 looks like. NRG Energy CEO David Crane describes it this way.

“It looks like a Jetsons vehicle with wheels.”

Imagine one of those homemade-1-seater-airplanes, only this doesn’t fly. But it does go nearly a hundred miles an hour and can travel up to 100 miles on one charge. NRG is the parent company of Reliant. Crane believes this space age , star wars looking car is the vehicle of the future.

“I think the American consumer is going to demand choice in terms of their personal transportation. So the fact that there are companies like this, who are making this type of car that looks completely different than anything else that’s on the market, certainly this is one of the cars of the future, but not the only car of the future.”

Paul Wilber is President of Aptera Motors, the new start up company that created the E2. He says the cars will be on the streets next year — first in California and then Texas.

“When you drive down the road, everyone will take notice of you. It’s very unusual looking.”

Bill: “Can we really buy that next year and drive down the street?”

“Absolutely, and to charge it up you just plug it in like you would a hair dryer you know you just need an extension cord you plug it into the wall and Reliant will provide your power, you charge it over night and the next day off you go.”

Wilbur says they already have 4-thousand orders for the vehicle. It’s been crash tested and its ready to go. Reliant Energy President Jason Few believes a changeover to electric transportation will be better for the country as a whole in the long run.

“We think it’s good for the economy. We think it’s good for the environment and we also think it’s good in terms of lowering our dependence on foreign oil.”

In case you’re thinking the space age car might cost as much as a Ferrari, Porsche they say the sticker price will be between 20 and 40 thousand.