Three Charged with Inspection Sticker Crimes

The owner of a Houston vehicle
inspection station and three others
are facing charges following a three
week investigation by the Department
of Public Safety.

Rod Rice reports.

The station is “5 Minute Inspections” at 735 West 26th Street. The men are 27-year-old Cesar Hernandez, 19-year-old Ernesto Bastard and 49-year-old Miguel Castillo.

This is DPS’s Tela Mange.

“They believe the station was issuing hundreds of inspection stickers a month or more on vehicles they did not actually inspect.”

Mange says the trio has been charged with tampering with a government document which is a 2nd degree felony.  Punishment could be up to 20-years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

And she says the station is linked to a deadly bus accident.

“This station inspected the charter bus that was involved in a crash near Sherman in August 2008 that ended up killing 17 people who’d been on a trip to a church camp in Missouri.”

The victims were from Houston.

Mange says DPS is looking into the inspection sticker aspect of the case.

Rod Rice, KUHF-Houston Pubic Radio News.