Brown Endorses Parker

One week after losing the race for mayor in the general election — Councilmember Peter
Brown is throwing his support behind Annise Parker. Brown announced his endorsement on the steps of city hall. Laurie Johnson reports.

To hear them now, you wouldn’t think just a week ago Peter Brown and Annise Parker were lobbing accusations at each other over fiscal mismanagement and ethical responsibility.

What a difference a run-off race can make.

“One candidate stands out with a 12-year proven track record of public service, particularly in terms of efficient, transparent government, the quality of life in our neighborhoods and fiscal responsibility. I’ll say that again, fiscal responsibility. Especially important in these difficult economic times. That candidate, my friends, fellow Houstonians, is Annise Parker.”

Brown was joined by his wife, family members and dozens of political supporters. He asked them to follow his lead on election day and cast their votes for Annise Parker, who was there to accept his endorsement.

“Those supporters of Peter and his family members, I know this is a bittersweet moment for all of them, but I am so grateful that they have chosen to stand with me and with my strong community supporters. Because clearly we are better united.”

Parker told Brown it was an honor to campaign against him in the general election and it will be an honor to campaign with him for the run-off.

“And I know that the support of those who voted for Councilmember Brown will not be automatic for me. But I hope I have the opportunity to earn that support as we go forward over the next few weeks.”

Meanwhile, Parker’s opponent Gene Locke announced new key endorsements of his own.

Rev. William Lawson, Pastor D.Z. Cofield and Bishop James Dixon are all former backers of Peter Brown, but now have put their support behind Locke.

Laurie Johnson. KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.



Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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