Controller hopefuls say they’re ready for Election Day

The three candidates in line to be the City of Houston’s next Controller say they’re ready for today and hope voters do their part at the polls. As Jack Williams reports, the hopefuls, all current members of city council, say it’s time to sit back and hope for the best.

The controller is basically the city’s Chief Financial Officer, responsible for Houston’s day-to-day financial operations. Controllers supervise budgets, perform internal audits and generally control the city’s purse strings. Ronald Green is a term-limited At-Large Councilman who says he’s done what he can win votes.

“Well, it’s purely voter turn-out. We don’t have any surges to take at the end. We’ve been running a race on common ground for the last year almost and right now it’s about getting those actual voters to the polls.”

Councilwoman Pam Holm is also term-limited in District G, where she was elected for the first time in 2003. She says it’s time to see how successful she’s been at convincing voters she’s the right person to direct the city’s finances.

“We feel like we’ve run a very, very solid campaign for almost a year now. Hopefully, all the people of Houston will realized the value of this important election and frankly it’s in their hands at this point.”

Another term-limited councilman, MJ Khan, has spent the better part of the last year preparing for election day. He was first elected in District F in 2003. He says he’s put a lot of hard work into his campaign.

“It’s been a long-haul for all workers and volunteers especially so my job is just to thank them profusely and make sure they understand how much I appreciate their efforts.”

The controller is the city of Houston’s second highest elected office. The city’s current controller, Annise Parker, is a candidate for Mayor.