Halloween: Scary or Sexy?

Halloween is just a day away and if you haven’t gotten your costume yet, you may not find much left at the stores. Bill Stamps stopped by some retail outlets to see what people are buying this year.

witch(Monster Mash song) 

Are the days of people dressing up as vampires, monsters and witches gone? What happened to the makeup and fake teeth? Sure they still sell them, but is anybody buying them?

Not Houston’s Sergio Nino. All he bought was a mask. A masquerade mask with sequins…not exactly frightening.

“I don’t know I guess when you get old you get out the scary part and you enter more of the sexy seductive part of Halloween.”

Stephanie Hill works for one of the many costume shops in Houston. She says this year’s popular costumers are devils and angels and Greek and Roman soldiers.

“One gentleman came in and said he had been working on his body and he wanted to show it off. So that was his reason.”

costumesHill says they have a new costume from the movie the Watchman and another one is master chief from Halo.

“It’s a very involved costume, you have like an undergarment and then you have all these armor attachments that you wear and then you have this nice helmet.”

Nothing scary for Brittany Turner this year, unless you call a pirate scary.

“How did you decide to be a pirate?”

“Im pregnant, so its really the only thing that fit when I was in the store. “

With Halloween coming up this weekend, many stores have run out of the popular costumes, but as everyone knows, some of the best costumes are the ones you make yourself.

Bill Stamps, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.