Speed could be a Factor in Fatal Accident

Famed Houston Attorney John O’Quinn and another man were killed this morning after their SUV slammed into a tree on Allen Parkway. He made a lot of his fortune in personal injury cases. He leaves a legacy through various causes, including at his alma mater, the University of Houston. Pat Hernandez has more.

Weather could be a factor in the morning accident. Scattered drizzle made the roads slick. Victor Senties is a spokesman for the Houston Police Department.

“Victims that were inside of a black Chevrolet Suburban were traveling westbound on Allen Parkway at apparently a high rate of speed. The vehicle at some point, crosses a median and strikes a tree, on the southside of Allen Parkway, and both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.”

Senties says it was confirmed that O’Quinn was behind the wheel and not wearing a seat belt.

As a very successful trial lawyer, O’Quinn held some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the country most notably, the successful breast implant cases in the early 90s. His support for the UH, his alma mater, resulted in numerous gifts, including significant donations to the UH library which bears his name. Richard Alderman is the associate dean at  the UH Law Center. He says O’Quinn was an important part of every aspect of the law center.

John OQuinn“We have several chairs at the University of Houston that John donated the money for. He was a huge supporter
of our moot court and mock trial programs.”

PH : “And besides him being so good at his profession, what was he like a person?”

Alderman : “Imposing…larger than life. There are very few lawyers that I’ve had contact with in one capacity or another that are more impressive than John.”

His financial contribution at UH included the field house at Robertson Stadium and the Cougar Marching Band.

PH, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.