Friday AM October 23rd, 2009

Several members of Congress have joined the House Natural Gas Caucus to promote the use of natural gas as a means of greater energy independence. Ed Mayberry reports.

Gene GreenThe House Natural Gas Caucus was launched this week at a hearing in Washington to discuss the state of U.S. natural gas today, as Representative Gene Green explains.

“Congress has lots of caucuses, and for the first time, we actually formed a natural gas caucus.  They expect those of us from Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana to be members of the Natural Gas Caucus because we provide the technology to produce natural gas.  But having a Republican member from Pennsylvania and a Democratic member from Oklahoma shows it’s bipartisan.  And if we’re going to address cap and trade or carbon problems in our country, natural gas is one of the easiest solutions.”

Congressman Green says the caucus will inform the public and educate other members of Congress about the clean-burning domestic fuel, which may also be greater help as a transportation fuel.

“Well, we’ve always had natural gas vehicles.  It’s going to be more difficult to have for our individual vehicles, but it can be done, but particularly for our fleets.  If we can reduce garbage trucks, for example, from diesel to natural gas, we could control substantial carbon output, along with, you know, whether it be METRO buses or over-the-road trucks, we could do so much better.  So it’s domestically produced and it’s cleaner-burning and it can help us on our pollution issues.”  

Green says the U.S. had a diminishing production of natural gas, but in the past few years, a great deal more natural gas discoveries have been made.  Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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