Tuesday AM October 20th, 2009

Texas has fared better economically than most other regions during the recession. Governor Rick Perry told the Greater Houston Builders Association that’s because of business-friendly regulations. Ed Mayberry reports.

Governor Rick Perry says about a thousand people a day move into Texas, and four Texas cities are in the top ten healthiest housing markets nationwide. 

“In Nevada, for instance, one out of every 62 mortgages was being foreclosed.  California, one in every 114.  In Texas, our rate was one in every 838.  But our pride at that difference can’t overwhelm our compassion for folks who have lost their homes.”

Governor Perry was speaking before a group of home builders and about 70 elected officials.  He says Texas is also in comparatively good shape on employment.

“Friday we got word from the Workforce Commission that our jobless rate is still one and half percentage points better than the national average. There’s also a reason that employers from across the country are seeking out Texas as a relocation destination.  You know, what choice do these employers have when their home states start jacking up their tax rates and tighten the regulatory noose?” 

The governor says Texas has been somewhat inoculated from the global economic crisis by years of efforts to keep taxes down and fostering a healthy regulatory climate.  He says there have been two state budgets since World War II that actually spent less general revenue money than the previous budget–both during his time in office. 

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

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