Tuesday AM October 13th, 2009

A free taxpayer seminar is set for this evening to help new and existing business owners understand their state tax responsibilities. Ed Mayberry reports.

tax stressIt’s an outreach by the office of Texas Comptroller Susan Combs.  A lot of outreach comes from Webinars on such topics as the franchise tax, but the seminars are conducted throughout the state, according to Allen Spelce with the Comptroller’s Office in Austin.

“It’s open to current business owners and folks who are looking to opening a business and just have questions.  In fact, that’s primarily who show(s) up at a lot of these, are new business owners who have questions.  We actually have about 100 seminars statewide throughout the year, and it’s, we do some that are mandated by the State of Texas and then we put on a number of seminars that are requested.  It helps us a lot, because when we’re getting feedback from the public, we know how to then change forms up, to add frequently-asked questions to the Web site.”

The seminars are offered to answer questions and provide assistance about taxable goods and services, tax forms, electronic filing and services available to assist business taxpayers.

“What is eligible?  Do I need to charge sales tax for this item?  For example, a photographer—film would probably be considered an exemption, whereas for you or I, film is not considered an exemption.  So there are different ways businesses can set up and declare items.  But there are proper—you gotta follow proper procedures in order to get those exemptions.  And that’s what we’re here for, is just to answer those questions.”

The taxpayer seminar is set for this evening at six, at the Comptroller’s Houston Office on Harwin.  Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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