The Right Opportunity between U.S. and Pakistan

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister delivers his assessment of his country’s relations with the United States. He told a packed audience at Rice University’s Baker Institute that the advent of democracy in Pakistan creates the right opportunity for improved relations. Pat Hernandez has more.

Since becoming Pakistan’s foreign minister last year,  Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi put his country in the international headlines. He explained his country’s positions on the war in Afghanistan and its domestic conflict
to the world. He told the packed audience at the Baker Institute that Pakistan and the United States are destined to travel together through a challenging period in history, times of great turmoil, but also a time of great opportunity.

“The one important tool we need, the one important tool we have, is the tool of trade and development. The United States can make the difference between success and failure, between hope and despair It can only make this difference if it helps Pakistan help itself.”

Qureshi backs the defeat of Al Quaeda and improved relations with India.

“We still have outstanding issues with India which we need to resolve, but we agreed and we feel that we can resolve them through peaceful negotiations. Today I think there is a greater realization in India and Pakistan that war is no longer an option.”

Qureshi says the advent of democracy in Pakistan and of the new democratic leadership in the United States have created the right opportunity to give the relations between the two countries a new direction.

PH, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.