Friday AM October 2nd, 2009

The TexanPlus HMO staged a health fair for seniors at Reliant Center. The day-long event included a Wii bowling championship as a spotlight on physical fitness. Ed Mayberry reports.

The idea is for seniors to keep active, and mobility exercises such as Wii bowling can help with balance and muscle tone.  Ted Carpenter is president of the TexanPlus HMO.

“Wii Bowling Championship is designed to keep seniors moving, physically active.”

Ed: “Most of them maybe have been exposed to the Wii tournaments and so on with grandkids, maybe.  I just find it interesting, this virtual sort of world, is melding into physical fitness.”

“Partially because as seniors age, there is an issue about picking up a bowling ball.  This gives them a way to get lots of stretching and range emotion exercise.” 

senior bowling

Dr. Sheldon Zinberg says computer games can help lower the number of falls and other injuries.

“And by identifying the specific areas of de-fitness, and remedially addressing them, we can prevent falls, fractures and reduce hospitalizations from all causes.”

Ronnel Fuesley with nurse Toni Garcia with Medical Staff Network

TexanPlus HMO is a Medicare Advantage health plan issued by SelectCare of Texas.  Richard Barasch, the chairman, president and CEO of Universal American, the parent of SelectCare, says the best medical care comes from collaboration.

“Our plans are designed to work through primary care physicians and pharmacists to help our members get care at the best level — the most appropriate level — and get the best outcomes.”

Flu shots were offered to seniors, but Chris Page with Walgreen’s says they’re recommended for all ages.

“Actually, it’s important for everyone.  This year they’re expecting just a normal flu season, but the healthier you stay, the healthier all your loved ones stay.”

The event moves to Beaumont on October 8th.  Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.



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