Governor Touts More Money for Border Security

Texas Governor Rick Perry comes to Houston to reiterate the importance of border security. He outlined the state’s efforts to combat the increasing transnational gang threat in Texas communities. Pat Hernandez has more.

Governor Perry was joined by former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, to tout state funding earmarked this past legislative session to increase border security. He says drug cartels are enlisting the help of transnational gangs to move drugs across the border.

“That’s why last year, I directed more than half million dollars into the Houston area to ramp up our transnational gang initiative that the state made available to the local police departments across the state, who are engaged in these increasingly powerful and dangerous criminal groups.”

Perry announced an additional 110-million dollars from the Texas Legislature to fight gang activity, especially those gangs who help ferry drugs, guns and terrorism across the Mexican border.

Governor Rick Perry and Rudy Giuliani“In the months and the years to come, Texas is going to use these additional resources to keep after the drug cartels and the transnational gangs that are doing their bidding, because the lives and the well being of our citizens are worth it — worth the investment to stop those who would have their criminal intent put upon the people of Texas.”

The gathering at times resembled a campaign stop, with Perry and former presidential candidate Giuliani bashing the federal government’s efforts to secure the border. It has not been determined how the 110-million dollars set aside to combat gang violence will be distributed statewide.        

PH, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.