Jurors are Appreciated This Week

The justice system doesn’t work exactly as
planned in Harris County.

Rod Rice reports the District Clerk says too
few people bother to show up for jury duty.

“The jury service turnout rate has been extremely low in Harris County. It’s hovered at or below 20%.”

Loren Jackson says jury service is the cornerstone of the American justice system and he’s trying to let people know their jury service is appreciated.  To that end he’s hosting Juror Appreciation Week through Friday. Twice a day notable members of the community will personally thank potential jurors for their service.

“We have the commissioners coming one day, Mattress Mac will be here one day, Jim McIngvale, we also have Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon. We have a lot of other folks too so we’re really excited.”

Jackson says when he addresses people in the jury assembly room he often asks how many have shown up for jury duty before and usually a majority of people say they have. He says more first time jurors and a larger pool are essential for a just outcome at trial.

“We want folks from all segments of the community.  We want people from all different parts of our county to be able to come down so we can pick folks who make up a jury that’s diverse, that understands the issues and that, we feel, will be able to rule fairly.”

Loren Jackson says this is Harris County’s first Juror Appreciation Day but it will not be the last.