Monday AM August 3rd, 2009

An image consultant who works with major corporations like McDonald’s and General Electric says it’s also important to work on your own personal image. Ed Mayberry reports.

Whether looking for a new job or a promotion in your current one, Anna Wildermuth with Personal Images, Inc., works with individuals on how to dress or to feel confident and comfortable at social events.

“Today image is important–does not matter what field you’re in.  And it’s more difficult to take a first impression that’s bad and change it around.  Folks who are looking for a promotion, folks who are looking for getting ahead in their job or trying to find a job, that first impression is very important.”

Ed: “What can we do to assess our image?”

“One things that’s very important is you want to be able to, maybe if you have a very close colleague, and ask them, you know, ‘I want you to look at myself, am I approachable? or ‘do I have a sense of authority?’ because those are the two things you want to ask that person who you partner with.” 

Wildermuth says the good news is that you can make changes in your personal image.

“Depending on the change, you want to be able to either have a great resource that you can go to so they can help you make that change, or ask for some suggestions from that person.  Because usually when someone says, you know ‘I don’t like this about you’ or ‘I would like you to do this,’ you aks him why, and that will kind of help you move into the direction that you want to go to.  You must always have a good sense of who you are.  Self confidence is so important, because people can feel that right away when you feel confident.  Even if you don’t have confidence, you want to wake up every morning and say ‘I am good at what I do.  I am a good person and the world wants to know me.'”    

Anna Wildermuth has written a book called “Change One Thing” that covers body language, appearance, business and social image.  Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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