Grading the Texas Legislature

The report card is in for the Texas Legislature. The policy group Children at Risk grades lawmakers on how they support and promote child-friendly legislation. Laurie Johnson has more.

If the Texas Legislature was a student, remedial courses would be in order for some lawmakers.

That’s the assessment from the Children at Risk. The nonpartisan organization issues its report card for the legislature every two years.

Executive Director Bob Sanborn says they tracked 25 specific bills that impacted children and graded lawmakers on their support of those bills.

“We really feel that the legislature as a whole was probably not working as diligently as we would have liked it to in regards to children’s issues.”

However, Sanborn says overall he gives the Houston delegation good marks.

“We had victories in the area of childhood immunization. We had victories in the area of human trafficking, some very major victories in the area of human trafficking where we had some successful legislation. And we also saw some success in the area of mental health on behalf of our children.”

Areas where the Children at Risk says lawmakers could have done better include the lack of additional funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the veto of a bill to improve early childhood education.

Laurie Johnson, KUHF-Houston Public Radio News.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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