Affordable Homes Drive 2009

Today it’s been home buying made easy at the City of Houston Affordable Housing Drive. Rod Rice reports on the gathering of home builders and mortgage lenders at City Hall.

Booths were set up around the Reflecting Pool with the main purpose of letting people know you can own a home for from 650-to-900 dollars a month and that includes taxes and insurance.  Pastor Elmo Johnson is with Uplift 4th Ward. He says they’s built more than a hundred homes in the 4th ward, but he says they do more than just build homes.

“We get people to come in and walk them through the process so they can get the loan for their home, they can get all the grants afforded to them, so we are the facilitators.”

Keith Lemons with Cornerstone Mortgage says there are several programs available for low and moderate income families to get help with a downpayment.

“Anywhere from $10,000.00 up to $37,500. We know all those programs we can work with the buyers to hlp get them qualified for those, get through the process so they can get that down payment and get into a new home.”

Even in these economic times, Lemons says there is money for low and moderate income home buyers.

“The mortgage industry has tightened up. There are little tighter credit restrictions and maybe having to go through a few more steps to get qualified, but the money is stil available, the rates are still good, plus if they close by November 30th there is that $8,000.00 tax credit that they would qualify for.”

Uplift 4th Ward’s Elmo Johnson says building homes is really building a better city.

“And what we’re really trying to do is strengthen the neighborhoods around Houston with new home owners.”

Rod Rice, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.

For more information, visit Houston Hope Homes.