Monday AM June 1st, 2009

Small business owners heard about credit, access to financing and other topics needed to survive and prosper during the current economy at a weekend Economic Forum. Ed Mayberry reports.

A seminar designed to help entrepreneurs grow their small businesses is regularly sponsored by the Small Business Alliance, which includes Capital One, SCORE, Houston Community College, the Black MBA Association and the Hispanic MBA Society.  Capital One’s Laurie Vignaud says the forums are a source of practical information and resources.

“Many of our small business owners — and these are hard-working individuals who have, you know, been struggling through the times just to keep their business afloat — many of them need to know that there’s a slew of lending opportunities out there.  Besides Capital One, we work closely with Accion Texas and with the Houston Business Development, who also provide financing for us small business owners.  There’s marketing and business plan development.  We’re talking about their credit and how to grow their credit, because many of them are using their own personal credit for their businesses, and so this is an opportunity to teach them how to grow.” 

Vignaud says small business owners are often too busy running their companies to know about opportunities that can help their business grow. 

“There’s so many resources and so many people out there who are very focused and willing to provide information and resources.  But a lot of times, small business owners are working so hard they don’t know where to go to get the information.  And so by creating these types of venues and bringing all of the experts together — and I can assure you we’ll be doing more of these in the future — hopefully we’ll get the people exposed and we’ll present the right professionals that can help our small business owners.”

The free Small Business Alliance economic forums are held monthly.  Sessions are held in Spanish and English. 

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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