Freshmen Coming to UH Victoria

Starting next year the University of Houston-Victoria will likely begin enrolling freshman and sophomores fall 2010. Thanks to the Texas Legislature, the University is one step closer to becoming a four year college. Bill Stamps has more.

Since it was founded more than three decades ago, the University of Houston-Victoria has always been a 2 year school where students who went to junior college could transfer and get their degrees. Officials have been trying to change it to a four year university for some time, and now, Texas lawmakers have given the OK.  Margarite Rice is chief of staff at UH Victoria. She says the move allows the university to grow and expand.

“As we admit freshman and sophomores, we’ll can become a residential university rather than just a commuter university, so that we can reach out to students who are outside our immediate area.”

The school is about 100 miles southwest of Houston and has more than 3-thousand students. As long as Governor Rick Perry signs off on the plan — which he’s expected to do — the university could start adding underclassmen by next year.

“Our plan calls for them to start in fall of 2010, so we really are in high gear to get that accomplished.”

But first, they’re planning to do a little celebrating.

Bill Stamps KUHF Houston Public Radio News.