A Makeover for the Texas Driver License

Your Texas driver license is getting a makeover.

Rod Rice reports the Department of Public Safety
says the new card will have a new look and enhanced
security features.

“We’ve totally made it over.  It doesn’t look anything like the driver license that we’ve had for the past eight years.”

DPS’s Tela Mange says there will be some things that will be obvious, like your photo on the left side rather than on the right.

“The state capitol figures very prominently, there’s the Austin skyline at the top and it looks a lot different than the one we have right now. And then there are other things that are not at all obvious but will be obvious to people who are trained to know whether that’s a fake.”

In fact the main purpose of the license is to make it difficult to counterfeit, tamper with or photo swap.

Mange says there is another new feature on the new Texas driver license.

“If you have decided that you’d like to be an organ donor, that is printed on your driver license.”

There’s is nothing wrong with the driver license you have now, the new ones will be issued for first time drivers or when you renew or replace your current one.

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