Wednesday AM April 1st, 2009

AOL’s consumer advisor has been writing online articles about job searches and marketing yourself. Ed Mayberry reports.

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The search begins with major sites like CareerBuilder and Monster.  It also includes social networks like Facebook and MySpace.  You can make sure there’s no “digital dirt” when your name is Googled, through sites like ReputationDefender.  But it also includes making sure there are things on the Web that make an employer more inclined to hire you, according to AOL’s Regina Lewis.

“Did you comment on the industry blog?  Do you have your own Web site?  Are you really in the game in terms of the online dialogue related to issues that probably you’re telling people in an interview — if you’re lucky enough to get one — that you’re passionate about.  So you need to be able to back that up, and that needs to be there.”

Lewis says keywords are important to keep your application at the top of the stack — what she calls “search engine optimization.”

“How do I make sure that when someone does go looking for me, they see what I would most like them to see?  A really logical first step is to weigh in on blogs or news sites that already have traffic.  They’re giving you unlimited space, and make no mistake, they are really, really aware of the people that are engaged on a day-to-day basis.  Be one of those people, and you might end up having a reference that you can’t even imagine.”

Lewis’ site is designed to help consumers get the most out of the Internet. 

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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