Monday AM February 23rd, 2009

There are some signs that can indicate you’re targeted for a layoff, according to Robert Half International’s OfficeTeam. Ed Mayberry reports.

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Be aware of cost-cutting measures being implemented by your company, and whether your workload has become lighter.  If your work is cyclical in nature, some of that work could be dispersed to fewer employees.  Adrianne Keally with Office Team says there are other tell-tale signs and scenarios, such as…

“If your position or your department is not revenue-generating for the company.  You know, you can ask yourself the question ‘do you directly contribute to generation of revenue or the reduction of expenses?’  Are you no longer included in the meetings that you used to be included in?  The final thing that we’ve noticed is if your manager’s showing an increased interest in kind of the status of your project, because that can typically be a sign that they’re looking to see when they’re going to distribute to someone else, or where they’re going to need to bring somebody else in.”

Keally says you can save money and prepare, if you suspect the worst is about to happen.

“I would say always have your resume together.  That’s what you’re going to start sending out first.  Your job search today may not be the same as it was a year ago, five years ago, ten years ago.  So start to network with the people that you’ve met in your career.  Continue to act professional.  Continue to do a good job.  Those are references for you in the future.  And I would say, you know, look for things to do that might increase your marketability — some extra courses, maybe that you start to volunteer — and again, your networking groups become larger.”

Keally says although observing multiple red flags indicating you’re in a vulnerable position, it’s important not to panic or read too deeply into one or two indicators. 

Ed Mayberry, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.


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