Court Back in Session

Court is back in session. A computer virus forced Houston Municipal Courts to shut down the past week but the problem seems to be fixed and business is back to normal. Bill Stamps has the story.

The problem began last Wednesday when some employees had problems signing on to their computers. We all know what that’s like. But by Friday they knew they had a bigger problem on their hands—possibly a virus. The computers where shut down, which meant all court cases had to be postponed.

“All of our court locations still remained open for business. All of our employees still reported to work. We were assisting folks as they came in on a manual basis and we operated that way up through yesterday.”

Gwendolyn Goins works in the Courts Communications Department. She says they normally handle traffic violations and misdemeanors. And while many drivers often do what they can to get out of a ticket, she says the shutdown won’t be an excuse for those who were supposed to be in court last week.

“For the folks that had court appointments from last Friday at four PM though yesterday, they are automatically being reset. So they don’t have to do anything. Eventually they will be notified of their new court date and they will be expected to appear.”

So far city technicians have not said what type of virus it was, or who was to blame.

Bill Stamps, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.