Arbor Day Tree Planting

The Houston Parks and Recreation Department and Trees For Houston are signing up volunteers for a giant one-day tree planting spree on Arbor Day next week. Jim Bell reports.

The goal is to plant more than 12 thousand 500 trees in four hours on Arbor Day, Saturday January 24th, and they need about 1500 volunteers.  Houston Parks Department spokeswoman Estella Espinoza says they do big tree plantings like this every year on Arbor Day and a few times in between.  This year’s planting is on the northwest side.

“We’re going to be planting on 14 medians along Clay Road between Gessner and Blalock, and these medians right now are pretty bare. There aren’t any trees there.”

Espinoza says trees aren’t just decorative things sticking out of the ground. They help maintain the Earth’s atmosphere, and keep people and all other living things alive.

“As they grow they remove CO2 from our atmosphere, and if a single tree can remove about, I believe it’s about a ton of CO2 over its lifetime, then if we plant like 12 thousand 500 trees we’ll be benefiting all of us.”

Espinoza says people who want to volunteer can register on the Parks Department website Houston Parks-dot-org.

“They can find the registration form, they can find the maps, they can find the location that we’re talking about, and more information on where they can park, where they can sign up and everything that they need to bring along with them.”

This Parks Department Arbor Day event is part of a larger project with Trees For Houston to plant more than a million trees all over Houston over the next three years.  

Jim Bell, KUHF, Houston Public Radio News.