Christmas For CPS Kids

Harris County Children’s Protective Services hopes people planning to donate Christmas gifts to children under CPS care will remember the teenage kids in the program. CPS officials say those older kids are often forgotten about this time of year, as Jim Bell reports.

There are about 14 thousand children of all ages under CPS custody at any one time, and about a fourth of them are between the ages of 12 and 18.  Unfortunately, many donors, who mean well and just want to help, will buy Christmas gifts for the small kids and toddlers, and the older kids just get left out.  Kurt Kuykendall is a volunteer with Be A Resource Houston (BEAR), formed to help CPS, and he says it’s not hard to understand why that is.

“Younger children seem to be a little easier to buy things for.  The things are a little less expensive and they’re more fun. The older children don’t seem to be the first thought on most people’s minds, and when you think of Christmas, or the holiday season, you always think of young kids.” 

Kuykendall says yes, it is harder to buy for teenagers, but clothing, accessories, and games are always good.  Things like shirts, jackets, jeans, athletic shoes, wallets, wrist watches, portable radios and CD players, digital cameras, handheld video games, things parents would buy for their own teens. He also says their deadline for collecting the gifts is getting close, so…

“People can help out the Be A Resource organization by dialing 713-940-3087, or they can look at the website which is Be A Resource Houston dot org.”

That number again is 713-940-3087.  The website is Be A Resource Houston dot org

Jim Bell, KUHF, Houston Public Radio.