Turning Disaster into Opportunity

As Galveston rebuilds after Hurricane Ike the
city knows it needs a vision of its future.

Rod Rice reports that the city has recently formed
the Long-term Community Recovery Committee.

The idea for setting-up such a committee came from FEMA.

“They don’t do it for you. This very community based, so first step is to get a representative committee.”

Betty Massey heads the committee. She and 35 others had been, for more than a year before Ike, on the city’s Comprehensive Plan Committee. Following Ike, and with FEMA’s advise, that group evolved into the new one.  Massey hopes city council will add people when it meets Thursday. She says the more people for sub-committees the better.
“The work of identifying the challenges and turning them into opportunities and then linking those opportunities with funding sources is going to be done in these committees.”

A series of public forums will be held after the New Year. Massey says the end result is all about the future.

“We’re building a Galveston for the young people in our community who want to live here and raise their families and they want to opportunities for their children to come home to Galveston.”

The end result, says Massey, should be a Galveston better than it was just before Hurricane Ike.

“We got an opportunity to do some things over and do them better. Out of something, you know, just horrific, comes some, some opportunities.”