Holiday Traveling

With gas prices as low as they are these days, many families may be driving to grandma's for Thanksgiving instead of flying. But for those Houstonians who take to the air, there are some things you should know. Bill Stamps has more.

(sounds of plane taking-off)

The number of flights at Bush and Hobby airports aren’t changing, but just how full they’ll be for Thanksgiving and the Christmas season remain to be seen. The airlines are competing with a struggling economy and shrinking gas prices that have made driving a much cheaper option.

But airport administrator Tom Bartlett doesn’t expect the numbers to drop much.

“We’re looking at close to and maybe relatively, a flat travel season compared to this time last year. Maybe down a little bit, but indications right now do not show that it’ll be down much.”

Bartlett says some of the airlines offered reduced fares recently and he believes many travelers may have taken advantage of the offers.

You’ll notice construction going on at both airports but that shouldn’t cause any delays…In fact they’re hoping things run smoother with a new family and exempt liquids lane. Security Director Jim Marchand explains what that means.

“If you are a family traveling and you’re a person that needs extra time, or a person with exempt liquids meaning medical, maybe baby’s breast milk formula — those kinds of things — you have a special lane that you go through.”

Marchand says the new lane allows families to take their time without frustrating other travelers who may be in hurry. After all, who wants to be in a bad mood for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Bill Stamps, KUHF Houston Public Radio News.