Gas is Cheap Again. Now what?

It was just a few months ago that high gas prices were causing many people to make cost cutting changes in their driving habits. But now that prices are nearly half of what they were — are people still conserving, or have they reverted back to their old ways? Bill Stamps hit the streets of Houston to find out.

Al Francis didn’t see a lot of his family this past summer. But it’s not cause they weren’t getting along or anything like that — it’s because it was just too expensive.

“If I cut travel time it was on the weekends but Monday through Friday I had to get to work cause I had no other choice.”

Prices rose so high this summer some people began taking the bus.  Others like Naomi Madell Hernandez and Frieda and Malcolm Shurtleff looked for ways to drive less.

Naomi Madell Hernandez: “I started carpooling with my husband on weekends for outings and just to cut back on filling up our cars.”

Frieda Shurtleff: “We are old…”

Malcolm Shurtleff: “We cut back about five to ten percent.”

But oh how things have changed, there are so many stories of people thinking there must be some sort of mistake after filling up so cheaply recently. And what impact has that had? Well Naomi says she’s not carpooling anymore; the Shurtleffs say they’re still cutting back….and Al Francis…

“Well, now I can go visit family again. I have family in Sugarland, and most of the time I’d see them on the weekends; so I guess now I can start seeing them again.”

Bill Stamps. KUHF Houston Public Radio News