Katy Freeway Commuters Finally Get Relief

The Katy Freeway Reconstruction Project, the largest in state history, is completed in record time. The 2.8-billion dollar project involves a 20-mile segment of the freeway from the West Loop to the Fort Bend County line in Katy. Pat Hernandez tells us the completion was marked with a ceremony that drew the governor.

Hundreds of balloons were released from the improved Katy Freeway near the Beltway. The project marks a new era in transportation that Governor Rick Perry said sets an example to other cities.

“The concrete under our feet represents the culmination of an unprecedented team effort. It required a lot of innovation, a lot of flexibility, a lot of hard work to get it completed ahead of schedule.”

Federal Highway Administrator Tom Madison says everyone involved understood the importance of transportation and infrastructure investment.

“We’ve been with TxDot every step of the way from the very beginning, when we helped with providing the authority to actually toll an interstate which was also a first in the United States.”

It not only alleviates traffic congestion and meet the transportation demands, former TxDot official Janelle GBur, who is now a transportation consultant, says the project was the result of multiple funding sources lead by taxpayer dollars.

image of Katy FWY“It really is truly a project that demonstrates to the rest of the nation that you have to be creative in financing transportation these days because no longer is your gasoline tax or vehicle registration fee is going to be able to cover the cost of transportation improvements.”

The freeway’s 2-managed lanes in each direction replace the single reversible lane and will open to High Occupancy vehicles Wednesday morning. The lanes will eventually be open 24-hours.

Pat Hernandez, KUHF…Houston Public Radio News.